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All over the world today, churches, religious groups, the government and communities are fighting a devastating drug problem among our people. We here at Israel have been taught “TO SERVE GOD, WE MUST GO OUT”. We can no longer stay within the confines of our beautiful sanctuary and ignore the problems of the world. On Wednesday, May 2, 1990, Israel Baptist Church, under the leadership of God through His Under Shepherd, Reverend Wilson, held it’s first evangelical street Prayer Service – “Sanctuary Without Walls”. The service began on the steps of the Israel Baptist Church Outreach Center with singing and prayer. There stood God’s disciples and the sellers of illegal drugs (dope), “AND THE WORD STOOD FIRM”. Since that date, the decrease in the drug activity and violence has had a tremendous impact upon the entire neighborhood. PRAYER REALLY CHANGES THINGS.          

The Church now operates on a seven day a week operation program providing an outlet for the entire community and surrounding neighborhoods. In 1991, Outdoor Worship Services were implemented as another form of Sanctuary Without Walls, in an ole’ fashion tent style service, with the assembling of worshipers and neighborhood residents to reach out to the saved and unsaved, praying and listening to the Holy Word being preached and taught. Attendance ranges from 300-600 persons, praying on one accord. Many drug addicts, dope dealers, alcoholics and those who have given up on life, heard the prayers, testimonies, songs of the saints and the GOSPEL MESSAGE by Pastor Wilson and gave their lives to Christ. Reverend Wilson’s energy is endless. PRAISE THE LORD!          

On Sunday, April 10, 1994, the Israel Baptist Church aired its First Radio Broadcast featuring the Worship Service of Sunday, April 3, 1994, 7:45 a.m., on WCAO Heaven 600 AM Gospel Radio Station at the 10:00 a.m. hour. The Preacher: REV. H. WALDEN WILSON, II, Pastor; The Sermon Text: “PAUL’S THORN IN HIS FLESH”; God Speaks: “No Paul, I will not remove the thorn. My grace is sufficient.” Paul said, “I glorify in my thorn. He came to thank God for his thorn. You take adversities and turn them into victories! Because of the thorns in my life, in all things I have learned to give thanks.”