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Our Pastor

On March 28, 1987, Reverend Wilson programmed a Brotherhood and Ecumenical Service between Israel and the St. Andrew Episcopal Church, the church from which our present facility was purchased. Thus, allowing through grace, a close bond of friendship, love and fellowship between those who were and those who cherished, that which was purchased, and now strive to maintain in glorifying our Master’s Church. “Behold how beautiful and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” On July 12, 1987, there was a Ribbon Cutting Ceremonial for the Grand Opening of our newly purchased and renovated Outreach Center, located at 1211 N. Chester Street, with its goal – “To Reach Out”.

In 1988, the depth of this center’s outreach was extended to “ministry”. This work now includes help to the needy for utilities, evictions, medications, etc., and a Director to administer this program. He has been instrumental along with Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Collington Square Non-Profit Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland in organizing the new Mattie B. Uzzle Outreach Center that opened in 1994. This facility was designed to house a nineteen-bed shelter for the homeless, a Soup Kitchen, Outreach Center, Substance Abuse Center and Medical Center.  

Other developments during 1988 included the Church Office expansion to entail a computer system and full time office management and a full time Budget Committee. In his continuous effort to spiritually strengthen his flock and spread the Gospel, Israel has an official :

  • Deacons Ministry;
  • Trustees Ministry;
  • Deaconess Ministry;
  • Executive Assistant to the Pastor and a Church Business Administrator;
  • Treasurer;
  • Church Clerk and Assistant Church Clerk;
  • Church Historian;
  • Church Event Coordinator;
  • Bookkeeper and Financial Committee;
  • Office Staff with Volunteers, Custodial and Transportation Staff.

The twenty-one (21) originally organized groups of the church have been disbanded and ministries have been established in their place.

The ministries consists of :

  • Barnabas Ministry,
  • Christian Education Ministry,
  • Christ Cares Ministry,
  • Culinary Ministry,
  • Dance Ministry (Men, Women and Youth),
  • Deaf Ministry,
  • Economic Empowerment Ministry,
  • Fellowship Ministry (consisting of HIV/AIDS Ministry, Courtesy Guild, Senior and Youth Ushers),
  • Health Ministry,
  • Marriage Ministry,
  • Media Ministry,
  • Men’s Ministry,
  • Lighthouse Ministry (Mission, Evangelism and Sanctuary Without Walls Ministry),
  • Music Ministry,
  • Outdoor Worship Ministry,
  • Outreach Ministry,
  • Pastor’s Relation Ministry,
  • Prayer Ministry,
  • Security Ministry,
  • Senior Citizens Ministry,
  • Sunday Church School Ministry,
  • Transportation Ministry,
  • Vacation Bible School,
  • Church Wedding Coordinators,
  • Women’s Ministry,
  • Young Adult Ministry and Youth Ministry.

Constructive Bible Studies and other Christian educational classes restructured were: Bible Study Classes, Mission Training, Prayer and Praise Services, Sunday Church School and a Word of Life Program – a structured Bible Teaching class for youth ages 4-18.