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Ministries of Service

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Media Ministry

Media Ministry
Bro Robert Webb, Ministry Leader
Bro. Denard Spriggs, Sound Engineer

PR Mission Statement
IBC Public Relations exists to ensure communication with Israel Baptist Church of Baltimore City's congregation and surrounding communities so that the Church's mission, goals and programs are understood and supported. The primary efforts of IBC Public Relations are designed to maintain close relationships with members of the news media and the public they serve; to enhance internal communications and to maintain the visual and editorial identity of IBC through the production of quality publications and promotional materials.

Vision Statement
IBC Media will encourage the saved and unsaved through Christ-centered publications and marketing of Israel Baptist Church to seek God's Kingdom through Evangelism, Education, and Empowerment

Deaf Ministry

Mission Statement
  • To bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Deaf and hard of hearing and challenge and equip others to do the same.
  • To train the Body of Christ (both hearing and Deaf) to effectively communicate the Gospel to the Deaf and to disciple them to become strong believers who in turn share the Gospel with others!
  • To provide friendship, encouragement and fellowship to Deaf and Hard of Hearing members and visitors, as well as provide sign language interpretation during services.
  • To build lasting relationships and to help encourage and reach out to the deaf community, not only where we worship, but also everywhere we go. Our focus is souls.
This statement merely focuses the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, Matthew 28:19-20.

Vision Statement
After being redeemed by Christ and consecrated for His service we will be witnesses for Him by effectively signing God’s silent word. As a result, increase the Deaf and Hard of Hearing membership. With our complete support, we want the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to become involved in Bible Study, Sunday School and Prayer. Ultimately, we envison having a deaf Sunday School Class. We also want opportunities to be available for them to have an active position in ministry within the church. We look forward to having a Deaf Choir, Deaf Ministry Leader(s) and a Deaf Preacher(s).

To effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Deaf and Hard of Hearing. To reach out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to show the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our hands, our hearts and our lives. Interpret sermons, Sunday school classes and other church activities to ensure the deaf and hard of hearing can understand, participate and enjoy all IBC Fellowship activities. We strive to unite all people in the Body of Christ.

Ministry Team
Vanessa Baker, Ministry Leader :
Ella Bacoat, Ministry Leader

Economic Ministry

Finance Ministry

Health Awareness Ministry

The mission of the IBC Health and Wellness Ministry is to provide care to our members, visitors, and the community. We will empower members of our church and community to become active participants in developing healthier lifestyles. We will offer opportunities for education on various topics. We will also engage in providing supportive care and summon emergency assistance should a member experience an illness or injury during church services and events.

It is the vision of the IBC Health Ministry to serve as a spiritually-based resource for our members who seek comfort and support for health needs or concerns.

The purpose of the IBC Health Ministry is to:
  • Promote health and wellness through education on healthy behaviors and disease prevention
  • Respond to and provide support to ill members and families while serving a bridge to urgent medical care
  • Provide support to caregivers and families of our sick/shut-in (chronically sick) members
  • Support the mission of the IBC in its effort to educate, evangelize and empower
  • Support our Pastor and visiting ministers/preachers during church service
The Israel Baptist Church Health Ministry is seeking compassionate, caring members to join us in:
  • providing spiritual-based support to our members during church services and events.
  • promoting good health and wellness
  • providing health resources to our members and community, and
  • identifying emergencies to request the appropriate medical services.
  • Caregiver support through our Called to Care and Respite Care programs
For more information, contact Sister Tangela Robinson, Sister Lori Perry, or the church office at 410-732-3494. Email us at

Security Ministry

Mission Statement
Our mission as a ministry of dedicated men and women working together to serve and secure the interior and exterior perimeters of the church before and after services; provide directions; be a visual deterrent to prevent crimes to persons and property so that the disciples and visitors feel safe and secure as they worship God and fellowship in a safe environment one with another.

Vision Statement
The vision of the ministry is to create a safe place for disciples to worship God, to have order, excellence and NO confusion. We will accomplish this by training and equipping the men and women in the ministry with proper tools so the ministry will be able to grow and move forward with the vision of the house.

Ministry Purpose
It is the purpose of the Security Ministry to provide a safe and peaceful environment for the Pastor, congregational members, and guest during worship services and when special events are hosted by church disciples and/or affiliates of the Israel Baptist Church.

Ministry Members
Joe Neal, Ministry Servant Leader
Roland Boyd, In Training
Walter Space, Advisor
William Smith, Advisor

Security Do's and Don'ts
  • When you leave your vehicles, be mindful to lock your cars, roll up your windows and secure your valuables in a non-visible area.
  • When in the sanctuary be aware of all your personal items; i.e., keys, cell phones and if appropriate, your purse.
  • If you lose an item and if it is turned into the Security Office, all items will be held for only 30 days, no exceptions. After the time has lapsed, any unclaimed item left in the Security Office will be donated to the Mattie B Uzzle Outreach or discarded.