"We need you to join us in Kingdom Building"

Associate Ministers
Rev. Edward Mason, Ministry Liason Servant
Minister Gregory Allen
Minister Ty Cook
Minister Daniel E. Cooper, Sr
Minister Earl Green
Minister Kevin Gresham, II
Minister Darnell Jeffers
Minister Eddie Stallworth
Minister Shawn Terrell

Sis. Patricia Daniels 
Deacon Moses Chestnut, Sr., Advisor
Deacon Ernest Ford, III, Chairman
Deacon Ellison James, Secretary 
Bro. Hansberry Moore
Deacon Sherman Wilkins, Advisor

A.I.M (Andrew Inspired Men) Men's Ministry
Bro. Kevin Stoval, Ministry Servant Leader
Bro. Hansberry Moore, Asst. Ministry Leader
Bro. Henry Boyd

Christian Education Ministry
Minister Gregory Allen, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Renee Browning, Master Teacher

Culinary Ministry
Sis. Deborah Barnes, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Rosalind Haynes, Asst. Ministry Leader
Sis. Brenda Malloy, Asst. Ministry Leader

Deaf Ministry (Sign Language)
Sis. Ella Bacoat, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Vanessa Baker, Ministry Servant Leader

Drama Ministry
Bro. Darryl Graves, Minister Servant Leader

Economic Development Ministry

Fellowship Ministry
Sis. Dorothy Smith, Ministry Servant Leader
Bro. Robert Brown, Asst. Ministry Leader
Bro. Robert Robinson, Youth Usher Asst Unit Leader
Sis. Tiffaney Robinson Youth Usher Unit Leader

Courtesy Guild:
Sis. Debbie Jones, Unit Leader
Sis. Daisy Young, Assistant Unit Leader

Finance Ministry
Sis. Cecilia Willams, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Alice Pitter, Asst. Min. Leader
Sis. Tricia Young, Advisor 
Sis. Patricia Gray Daniels, Treasurer
Bro. Willis Stevenson, Asst. Treasurer

Health Awareness Ministry
Sis. Tangela Robinson, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Lori Perry, Advisor

Historic Committee
Sis. Earlene Roberts, Historian

Outreach Ministry
Bro. Kenneth Young, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Barbara Bivens, Advisor 
Sis. Jacqueline Tubman, Advisor

Lighthouse Ministry
Sis. Sharon Woods, Ministry Servant Leader

Evangelism Ministry
Minister Gregory Allen, Unit Leader 

Encouragers Ministry
Sis. Danise Robinson, Unit Leader
Sis. Alice Carrington, Asst. Unit Leader

Christ Cares Ministry
Sis. Mary Bryant, Unit Leader

Multi-Media Ministry
Multi-Media Team Volunteers 
Bro. Denard Spriggs, Technical AV Director  

Worshipful Fine Arts Ministry:
Minister Thomas (Randy) Roberts, Minister of Music
Sister Pamela Nixon, Administrator

Music Ministry

Choir Rehearsals:
Mass Choir: Thursdays -- 6:30 pm
Men's Choir: 3rd Thursdays -- 6:30 pm
Youth & Young Adult Choir: Saturdays before 2nd and 3rd Sundays -- 1:00 pm
Praise Team: Thursdays -- 7:30 pm

Dance Ministry
Sis. Frances James, Unit Leader
Sis. Tiffany Perry, Unit Leader
Sis. Renee Holmes, Unit Leader, Women

David Dancers
Bro. Anthony Battle, Unit Leader

Bro. Darryl Graves, Unit Leader

Mime Ministry 
Sis. Brandi Giles, Unit Leader

Pastor's Support Ministry 
Sis. Greater Meadows, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Jacqueline Bert, Assistant
Bro. Hansberry Moore, Assistant

Security Ministry
Bro Joe Neal, Ministry Servant Leader
Bro Roland Boyd, (In Training)
Bro William Smith, Asst. Ministry Leader
Bro. Walter Space, Advisor

Scholarship Committee
Sis. Dionne Curbeam, Ministry Servant Leader

S.H.A.R.E Program
Sis. Daphne Davis Ministry Servant Leader
(Men Volunteers needed to assist at the warehouse and to unload food at church)

Silver Eagles Ministry
Sis Geraldine Nixon, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Marjorie Lilly, Advisor
Sis. Mildred Bogier, Advisors

Support Ministry
Bro. Michael Green, Ministry Servant Leader

Upper Room Ministry (Prayer)
Sis. Tricia Young, Ministry Servant Leader

Wedding Coordinator
Sis. Pam Nixon, Wedding Coordinator
Sis Jacqueline R. Cooper, Assistant Coordinator
Sis. Tammy Williams
Sis. Dorothy Smith
(Needed: Adult Volunteers, Youth Ushers, Host & Hostesses)

Women's Ministry
Sis. Gloria White, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Shaney Wagstaff Walker, Asst. Ministry Leader

Young Adult Ministry
Minister Kevin Gresham, II,

Youth Ministry
Sis. Stephanie Hunter, Ministry Servant Leader
Sis. Dionne Curbeam, Advisor